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Italian language ( l'italiano) is a Romance language of Indo-European family of languages. Like all other Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Romanian and Catalan), Italian evolved from Vulgar Latin (common Latin). It is the closest national language to Latin in terms of vocabulary and the contrast between short and long consonants. The modern Italian is based on Tuscan dialect that was first formalized at the beginning of 14th century through the works of Dante Alighieri. Dante's epic...
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Montepulciano, Italia
La Scuola di lingua e cultura italiana Il Sasso si trova nella cittadina rinascimentale di Montepulciano, in Toscana. Ha sede in un palazzo storico nel cuore della città, con 8 grandi aule luminose, una...
Rome, Italia
“Torre di Babele”Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana, operates since 1984 offering dynamic and active courses at all levels the whole year round. The school is located in the centre of Rome and occupies...
Scuola di lingua in Italia
Italiano in Italia
A Door to Italy
Italian language courses at any level, from beginners to advance, available all year round. We offer intensive, long-term, different...
Scuola di lingua in Italia
Italiano in Italia
Terramare is specialized in teaching Italian for more than 20 years in the lovely seaside town Orbetello, Tuscany. The highly motivated...
Scuola di lingua in Italia
Italiano in Italia
Scuola Dante Alighieri – Campus L’infinito Recanati
Dante Alighieri Campus L’Infinito school is in Recanati, a small and fascinating town in central Italy (Le Marche region). The...